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Heavy Metal Toxicity:

  • What is it: a build-up of heavy metals in the body. Mercury is the main one, but there are also others. Be aware that autism and mercury poisoning are two distinctly different conditions. In autism the words are there in the mind but there is a ‘wall’ blocking the person from expressing them. In mercury poisoning the words are ‘gone’ – they may have been there in the past but the person no longer has any way to access them.

  • What you see: Disorientation, foggy thinking, fatigue. Other symptoms of mercury poisoning include severe headaches, cramping in fingers and feet, tingling up and down the body and legs, memory loss, crying spells, low-grade depression and brain fog.

  • History: Exposure to mercury and other heavy metals in a variety of ways. I find that the children I work with who have the biggest problems with mercury are those who were exposed to mercury during gestation in a mother with a mouth full of amalgams. It’s not just the vaccinations.

  • What we see on the SCIO: heavy metal toxicity in a variety of different ways.

  • What we do with the SCIO: Use specific homeopathic frequencies and the homotox panel to clear the toxins.

  • What you can do at home: Detox the body in whatever way you choose. I have found the most effective product is Natural Cellular Defense by Waiora (zeolite) as it does the job safely and does not remain in the body. It also has no odour or taste so you can add it to food and/or drinks and get it into the bodies of our very sensitive children. Be very careful with whatever detox process you choose to use. Many of the methods out there remove all of the minerals from the body which is not a good thing. Also be very careful of what products you use in your home so that you are not exposing your family to toxicity.

Other toxicity:

  • The homotox panel outlines all of the other toxins that the body can be picking up and storing. This includes the toxins found in medications. I am finding a major problem at this time is the buildup of halogens in the bodies which is directly due to the MMS (Miracle Mineral Solution) a bleach substance which people claim cures autism. I am not certain how effective it is in removing the various pathogens from the body but I want you to know it is poisoning our children, even if they claim it doesn’t.

  • What we do on the SCIO: detox with the specific programs for the specific toxins.

EMFs: electrical magnetic frequencies:

  • What is it: These are all of the frequencies which we are exposed to through the environment and are not used by our bodies. They are stored within which causes a situation in which the body becomes more and more sensitive over time. Some people are more sensitive to them than others, or may have been more highly exposed so that they bother them more.

  • What you see: High levels of agitation reactions that may not seem to make any sense until you consider EMFs. Reactions to solar flares and changes in barometric pressure.

  • History: Exposure to high levels of EMF’s though sensitivity levels of individual will play a role. I often find that children who eat a lot of food that has been heated in a microwave are sensitive in this way.

  • What we see on the SCIO: Radiation, need to deal with imponderables, high levels of perverse energy on Risk Profile, a lot of alarms.

  • What we do with the SCIO: Check the perverse energy area in the risks profile to see if they are a problem and to clear them from the body. May need several sessions, as well as updating from time to time because of the continued exposure in the environment.

  • What you can do at home: educate yourself and take control of the amount of EMF’s your family is exposed to. The best product I have found to date is through SCIO SAN Inc. ( ) They sell a crystal product that is designed for the exact environment you put it in and eliminates the frequencies instead of blocking them, which so many of the emf protectors do. Throw out your microwave oven.

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