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Immune 26

In 2002 I was introduced to a product that balances the immune system and which had been the source of  improvement for some children on the autism spectrum. Since I was looking for solutions for the bio medical problems our children and adults are facing I decided to check out this product to see if it indeed made a difference.


I began to research this product and finally decided that I would try it myself to see what a difference it would make. I began a taking daily dose on August the 8th, 2002. I didn't notice much difference in the following weeks, but my grandchildren, who were living in our home at the time, did tell me that I wasn't as grumpy as I was before I started taking it. On September 8th I woke up and realized that I had a severe case of strep throat. The body so clearly remembers the pain. I had step throat at age 17 went I started college where I tried to tough it out. At this point I have few memories of those two weeks, other than the level of pain I was experiencing. In time I went to a Doctor and got antibiotics. The strep throat was gone....or so I thought.While I was in my early forties I began to develop a lot different allergies, etc. which all seemed to reside in my throat. I was living under a lot of stress at the time and thought that these reactions were a direct result of that stress. They had grown steadily worse as I got older and I thought that I would be stuck with them for the rest of my life.


On September the 8th, 2002 I was far too busy to deal with the problem of strep throat and decided that I would struggle through the day the best I could and make an appointment with the Dr. the next day. The next morning I was far too sick to do anything or go anywhere. I stayed in bed with plans to call the Dr. the next day and allowing my body the time to heal, all the time feeling slightly strange. It felt like little armies were marching through my body, efficiently taking care of what needed to be done.


The next morning I woke up a new person. Not only was the strep throat completely gone, but so were all of the other throat problems I had been dealing with for the last ten or more years. It was as if my body had been wiped clean. I continued to take Immune 26 for the next year and quit getting the flu or reacting to any of the many plane trips I take each year. Without Immune 26 I am often in bed for 10 days after a plane trip. With Immune 26, I don't even notice jet lag!


Immune 26 was originally developed by the DuPont company. They were looking for something that could replace vaccinations as they had already begun to realize that there are problems with immunizations that are not public knowledge to date. They studied the human immune system in great detail and noted that it originated from our mothers while we are still in the womb and then was supplemented after birth through our mother's milk. In other words, it goes through our gastrointestinal system. They also studied the immune systems of other species and finally decided to focus their efforts on birds because all of the immune information must be presented to the chick in the egg from the mother if it is to be accessed. They got a flock of chickens and began exposing these chickens to a variety of human diseases to see if the birds would react to the human diseases by creating the immune co-factors and antibodies to protect themselves. They also checked if this information was handed on in the eggs. It was. In time 26 different bacteria were added to this process. The chickens produce the immune information and pass it on to their chicks in the eggs. When we eat the powered eggs we access this information in much the same  way that we did from our mother's milk. Millions of dollars were spent researching this product before DuPont brought to the FDA. There they were told it could not be sold as a medicine, only a supplement. DuPont decided to drop the product because they believe that medicine is where money is made. However, the scientists, who were involved over the years, were not ready to give up. They bought out DuPont and sell Immune 26 through a company called Legacy for Life.


I shared this product with family members and clients and found that it was helpful for many different people. The only ones that have a problem with it are those who are allergic to eggs and now that we have the SCIO we can deal with that too. I decided to become a distributor so that I could ensure that my clients had easy access to it.  If you need my distributo number it is 572 814


If you are interested in learning more about this product or in buying it please

  • phone 1 780 450 2810


  • purchase it via the internet at




Autism and the Comorbids


One of the major factors we have realized while coming to a clear understanding of autism and how it affects the body is that there are many conditions that are comorbid with autism in our children and adults. Many of these are caused by the presence of bacteria in the body. We have discovered that bacteria act differently in our bodies than viruses. Although we can isolate them and clear them during a session, we find they reappear, which makes effectively clearing them for good takes a lot of sessions, and thus because very expensive. Immune 26 is a tool which helps to speed up this process as well as protecting the body from future bacterial infections.


The following are some of the comorbid conditions and their specific bacteria we have been dealing with over the years.


PANDAS: Pediatric Autoimmune Neuropsychiatric Disorders•


Cause: PANDAS is caused by group A beta-hemolytic streptococcal (GABHS) infections. The proposed link between infection and these disorders is that an initial autoimmune reaction to a GABHS infection produces antibodies that continues to interfere with basal ganglia function, causing symptom exacerbations. I propose that it is a continued reaction to the presence of strep in the body which was not cleared during the initial infection.

• What you see: Obsessive compulsive thoughts and behaviours or tics. Other symptoms expressed are unstable emotional outbursts, enuresis, anxiety, and deterioration in handwriting.

• History – Exposure to strep infection in past which may or may not have been treated by antibiotics. It appears that antibiotics do not kill the strep bacteria, but make them go dormant in the moment. They will reappear as an active infection during times of high levels of stress. In the meantime, the immune system continues to produce the antibodies which interfere with the basal ganglia function.

• What we see on the SCIO – strep

• What we do - zap all strep bacteria living in the body. Build up immune system. Do the echoes and harmonics on strep to clear the impact of it on the body.

• What you can do at home - use Immune 26 to build the immunity of the body to bacteria in a natural way.



Food poisoning:

• Cause: exposure to bacteria through our food. If it is not cleared it takes up residence in the duodenum of the gastrointestinal system where it blocks the production secretin and GABA.

• What you see: may result in epilepsy and problems with acid build up in intestinal area and esophagus. Often have problems sleeping due to the buildup of acid. Main behavioural indicator of this problem is constantly chewing on something due to the lack of secretin in the body.

• History: exposure to food poisoning – may or may not have been detected.

• What we see on the SCIO: Food poisoning as the top risk, shortage of secretin and GABA in the neurotransmitter area, problems with the esophagus.

• What we do on the SCIO: Work on food poisoning on auto focus zap and make sure it is cleared from the body. Focus rebuilding efforts on duodenum and healing the esophagus.

• What you can do at home: Supplement with secretin (transdermal patches are available but one needs prescription, at least here in Canada), GABA and Immune 26 to build up resistance to bacteria. Be cautious with secretin as the adults who have been on it tell us that there is a fine line between the right amount and too much. Too much leads to hypersensitivity of the senses.



• Cause: bacterial infection in the stomach or intestines.

• What you see: a constant need to eat, pain, aggression.

• What we see on the SCIO – pain, ulcers, digestive problems, infection.

• History: exposure to the bacteria that cause ulcers. High stress levels experienced in day to day living.

• What we do with the SCIO – zap the bacteria and work on the healing of the stomach and digestive areas.

• What you can do at home – antibiotics may be prescribed to remove the bacteria. This will also destroy the bowel flora in the intestines which in turn may lead to an increase in the amount of candida in the body. Supplement with probiotics. Protect the body with the use of Immune 26.



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