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While you relax, a 4.5 minute test is performed which measures your subtle energy reaction to over 10,000 factors in your body. As a result of this test, priorities and therapies are chosen for the following 120 session. Our sessions typically run for 2 hours each. 


Client Session: 2 hours - $200.00


In person:

You will sit in a comfortable chair while you have conduction straps attached at five points: your wrists, ankles and forehead, These attachments do not give any discomfort. The SCIO system reads your subtle energy fields and sends treatments through the straps. You have the choice of sitting back and relaxing or watching the therapy screen to see what is going on.  We have a number of toys and activities available to ensure that the brains of children with autism are kept busy during our in chair sessions.


This is one of my clients with autism who has been forced to sit in a chair for hours through ABA sessions in the past. He asserts his independence by perching on the arm of the chair instead of sitting down. It's okay. The SCIO continues to do it's work. At this point he no longer needs the toys to keep him busy, but he did in the beginning.



Types of Sessions

Long Distance:

From the comfort of your own home you relax as the SCIO connects with you through subspace. You may communicate by telephone throughout the session and take notes or the therapist will e-mail you a report on what was revealed and which therapies were applied. For the first 15 minutes you sit quietly and relax. It is also useful to drink water at this point. Once the test is complete, during the session, you are free to do anything you wish except work or play on a computer.

What do I need from you?

The full name of the client

Their birth date: day/month/year

Their place of birth: nearest major city

A phone number in case I need to contact you.

An e-mail address to send the reports to.

Payment through a credit card or paypal.

Long distance sessions can be delivered to anyone, any where in the world.



Follow-up sessions:

2 hours each:  total cost per session: $200.00



It is important to understand energetic imbalances are identifies in order of the body's priorities. It is similar to peeling an onion. Each session will work the most important layer. So, while your acute imbalances may be addressed in one session, it is likely that a series of sessions will be more beneficial. This allows the body the time to heal softly, gently and without trauma of any kind.

You may find that the order the SCIO follows may not be what you expected or would choose to do with you verbal consciousness. However, if you trust the super conscious and the SCIO you will discover that it is much more knowledgeable.



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