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Restoring Human Vitality


  • Are you looking to improve your health naturally?

  • Are you interested in letting your own body choose which treatments and/or products will work best for you?

  • Are you ready to take responsibility to make the changes necessary to create health?


Explore how a futuristic system has the ability to both assess and treat imbalances; a system that reads your unseen energies and applies natural energies to restore balance and help bring harmony to the body.




Today’s hectic lifestyles put a variety of different “stresses” on our bodies that create blockages to our being able to maintain good ‘Health’ without some extra help. Health is defined as the ease of flow of energy through the body. Biofeedback is defined as "measuring electro-physiological properties of the body and feeding it back to the patient".  The SCIO Biofeedback System is approved as a stress relief and management system. This extraordinary computerized system provides an insight into what is causing you stress to a degree that nothing else can at this time. Using the principles of quantum physics, it identifies and measures subtle energy imbalances in your body that are creating stress and health problems. As a treatment program it applies subtle energies to restore balance, which builds better health and greater well being. This helps balance the over–stressed body systems which allows the body to heal itself while refocusing attention on lifestyle management and preventative health care.


We believe that the SCIO is the most important tool in the treatment of autism as it allows us to determine what biomedical imbalances the individual body is facing and then treat these in a very safe, gradual and gentle way.  It's not a "quick fix", but it is an effective one for it allows the body begin to deal with the different assaults that happened to it at a young age. We will never be able to change the development of the brain but we certainly can reduce the amount of anxiety that the body is facing from within, thus allowing the person with autism share who they truly are with the world.


The SCIO is not just for autism. We have clients of all ages who come to use for a variety of different reasons. It is proving to be especially helpful in restoring the body in clients who have come to us with a doctors diagnosis of arthritis, rheumatism, chronic fatigue, irritable bowel syndrome, multiple sclerosis, depression and addiction. This doesn't mean it is limited to these areas, but these are the ones that we have been working with. By providing the specific energy needed the body is able to heal itself.


How SCIO Sessions may help you:


The SCIO program communicates with your body to determine what energy imbalances are most affecting your health: physical, emotional and mental concerns. You are given information about your emotional and mental stresses, nutritional suggestions and sensitivities, digestive and cleansing needs and more. Imbalances in the energetic or subtle energy level can be an early warning system. If imbalances go uncorrected eventually physical symptoms will erupt as health problems and disease develop. As well as an early warning system of prevention, keeping the subtle energies balanced helps us restore our physical energy.


Your SCIO energy practitioner looks for repeating patterns in your results to determine you core issues. Follow up programs can be tailored to your specific needs. In addition to identifying there "high priority" problem issues and suggestions, a SCIO energy session also applies the appropriate healing frequencies to help correct the imbalances and allow the body to shift gears into a state of greater energy and health. In other words: allows the body to begin to heal itself.


Nutritional and lifestyle changes may also be recommended based on their ability to either help repair your body or to reverse the damage that has been occurring over time.


The SCIO is set at natural biological levels so the therapy is most often not felt directly. But the effects are none the less dramatic even though they are below conscious perception. The unconscious will perceive the healing effects. This most often results in a positive change in the mood and awareness. Sensations of warmth tingling and euphoria are the most often perceived. Increase in memory, compassion and positivity can be demonstrated by asking questions of the client in these areas. Conscious minds will struggle with natural intervention. They need time to feel the effects. The goal of the SCIO is to promote healing, not perception of change, so be patient.


Healing should take place softly, gently and with peace and tranquility.

Let the healing proceed. Do not try to force it.

Key Benefits

  • Benefit 1: You can quickly discover what imbalances and blockages are in the body without pain, without trauma of any kind and without waiting a long time for the results to come back.

  • Benefit 2: The healing process in the body begins during the first visit and continues on long after you have stopped having sessions on the SCIO.

  • Benefit 3: The testing procedure during each session allows you to determine whether the choices you are making such as taking supplements are having any effect or not.

  • Benefit 4: The assessment and treatment work with the body, not against it, as so many of the current medical establishment treatments such as medication, radiation and surgery do. There is no way that the SCIO can harm you.


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