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Just Because I know how to act, doesn't mean I am free to be......


"Hi all. I lived with Aspergers all my life but never understood the symptoms. Terrified every single day that the so called normal world would realise that all is not perfect with me and reject me. Struggling along to cope with keeping up the appearance. I know I did not fool many, but was "happy/content" with thinking I did. Was diagnosed 5 years ago but still refused to accept it for myself. Although I'm a caring and an understanding person myself , I lived in a world that "fear' Autism, an ignorant world. A couple months ago I hit a wall and was forced to face myself and learn more about Aspergers, not looking for an excuse but finding out about who I AM. I find that the knowledge I gained in a short period is tremendously empowering. And I finally came clean. I DO NOT CARE anymore who knows and who don't. (Wow, with this comes a lot of freedom)."  Heim Smit

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