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PANDAS: Pediatric Autoimmune Neuropsychiatric Disorders

  • Cause: PANDAS is caused by group A beta-hemolytic streptococcal (GABHS) infections. The proposed link between infection and these disorders is that an initial autoimmune reaction to a GABHS infection produces antibodies that continues to interfere with basal ganglia function, causing symptom exacerbations. I propose that it is a continued reaction to the presence of strep in the body which was not cleared during the initial infection.

  • What you see: Obsessive compulsive thoughts and behaviours or tics. Other symptoms expressed are unstable emotional outbursts, enuresis, anxiety, and deterioration in handwriting.

  • History – Exposure to strep infection in past which may or may not have been treated by antibiotics. It appears that antibiotics do not kill the strep bacteria, but make them go dormant in the moment. They will reappear as an active infection during times of high levels of stress. In the meantime, the immune system continues to produce the antibodies which interfere with the basal ganglia function.

  • What we see on the SCIO – strep

  • What we do - zap all strep bacteria living in the body. Build up immune system.

  • What you can do at home - use Immune 26 as documented in the first portion of this book to build the immunity of the body.

  • Polio:

  • What is it: This virus affects the throat: lymph glands, thyroid and parathyroid, larynx. Although we can clear the polio through the autism protocol this is the one virus that we need to continue working with in other ways because of its impact on the ability to communicate clearly.

  • What you see: nonverbal or very limited in speaking.

  • History: Polio vaccines. Ancestral exposure to polio.

  • What we see on the SCIO: Polio appears as one of the viral causes of autism.

  • What we do on the SCIO: Work on polio directly through the miasms, chromosomes, echoes and harmonics in the same way we do the viruses. Work on the sarcodes of the throat directly and may use the stem cell program to restore each organ.

  • What you can do at home: provide other methods to communicate other than depending on vocal output such as facilitated communication and typing either on letterboards or computers.

  • Mitochondrial Disease –

  • What is it: as far as I understand at this time, and I may be proved wrong, mitochondrial disease is due to the presence of the viruses, not something separate. It will be rectified when we clear the viruses from the body, repair the mitochondria and rebuild the immune system which are all part of the autism protocol itself.

  • Lymes Disease:

  • What is it: bacteria which enter the blood stream through tick bites. There are professionals who claim that this is a cause of autism, but I have not found it to be so. However, it does come up as a cause for pyroluria (see below) in some people and also may be comorbid in the body with autism.

  • What do you see: the first symptom may be a small red spot at the site of the tick bite, which resembles a bull’s eye and becomes a rash. This may go unnoticed or may expand over a few days. The rash typically lasts no more than 4 weeks. Other early symptoms include muscle and joint aches, headaches, fever, stiff neck, swollen glands and fatigues which may be mistaken as the flu. Other symptoms may include nervous system problems, low back pain, widespread tingling and numbing, impaired motor coordination, mood disorder, eye problems, difficulty sleeping or concentrating and generalized weakness. Long term symptoms may include joint pain, chronic nervous system problems, depression, sleep disorders and chronic skin problems.

  • History: Exposure to ticks which may or may not have been noticed.

  • What we see on the SCIO: Lymes on autofocus zap

  • What we do on the SCIO: zap the Lymes to clear it from the body.

  • What you can do at home: see your doctor.

  • Dyslexia/ADHD

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