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by Bill Nelson, creator of the SCIO


In our development of a new medicine, the unconscious or super-conscious awareness medicine, there is one somewhat thorny issue that must be addressed.  The verbal mind makes up a very small part of the brain.  Behind the left ear on the vast majority of people, over 999 out of a 1,000, we will have the “Broca” area responsible for our speech.  This is about the size of a golf ball.  That is where we make up the words; now other parts of the left hemisphere are also utilized in making the words and making our linear perspective so that we organize in subject-predictive-object.  We see in this part of the brain, the flow of time is being like a river.  Much has been made of the split-brain that we can see the dichotomy of the two types of perspective one being that of the linear-verbal “scientific mind” and the other being of the more intuitive, unconscious, non-verbal “gestalt mind.”


There are over 200 trillion cells in the normal human body.  Each of which has shape receptors and sensors sensing its environment and responding in tune with each other.  These cells are in constant communication with each other and make up the whole of the human body.  Each of these cells sends messages to the brain and receives messages via electric field, conductivity, hormonal conductivity, and a host of other energy transfers.  The human body also is in contact with its environment. An environment that connects to the brain via the senses  -  senses of sight, smell, touch, sound, and also the extra-sensory senses.  In our connection to our environment, there’s also a profound, incredibly vast amount of data that is reaching us through our senses, as well as all of the cells of the body responding.  Thus there is estimated to be somewhere between 500 trillion to 900 trillion bits of information reaching the brain at any one time.  At the base of the brain there is a filter area known as the “reticular formation.” This “reticular formation” will break up the signals that are coming to the brain and take only certain signals and feed them to the conscious brain.  It’s estimated that the conscious brain will receive between 100,000 and possibly a million bits of signals taken to it.  Hyperactivity children, it’s believed, receive too much of these signals, perhaps going over the million bits of data per second.


The rest of the data is going to the “unconscious” or what we will call the “super conscious” brain.  As you inhale wherever you are now, you will be inhaling millions if not trillions of bits of particles, thousands of bacteria, fungi, spores, viruses, even if you sit in your own home.  If you can imagine going to the mall where the air is recycled and the viruses and bacteria are not filtered, there is an incredible build up of material.  And it is now found that year by year there is a build up of pollen. And every year there is more pollen in the air than there was last year.  There is a dramatic accumulation of things that we are now being exposed to.  The touch of the fabric of your clothes on your skin in every one spot has a stimulus.  Only when we think of an area such as your right foot, and when we say the word right foot, we think of that, and prior to saying the word right foot, the unconscious is in control of the vast, vast, vast quantity of us.  Less than 1% of 1%  of 1% ad infinitum, of our life experience goes to our conscious verbal brain.  This verbal brain, however, likes to pretend that it is in control.  It likes to analyze things in its so-called scientific aspect.  It likes to look for replicability, reproduceablity it likes to look for consistency, because that would establish a connection for it in it’s interaction with its environment.


When in fact the vast majority of our actions are not dictated by our logic, verbal mind, but come from our deep subconscious. They come more from gut feelings.  They come more from the heart and other areas, as the unconscious brings us to the places that we go in our lives. And when we are there it is our verbal consciousness that then rationalizes or attempts some kind of explanation.  And it can quickly change its mind and come up with another explanation once challenged, as its rationalization ability of the verbal mind is endless.

Now, our patient comes to us with the SCIO and the SCIO interfaces with the unconscious - super conscious body, as that is what controls the body electric.  The conscious verbal mind does not control it -  the unconscious does.  There is an innate intelligence in every cell that allows for its life.  And we don’t have to think about activity in the right foot as that the biology or innate intelligence of the super conscious is in control of the electrical, chemical and other factors, and will produce life and healing.  We don’t have to think about our digestion as it happens automatically.  We have our autonomic nervous system controlling our immune system and many other factors.  We don’t have to think about the hair on our head and have to apply verbal attention to it everyday to make it grow, it grows naturally. Even if the verbal mind is removed or when we sleep, or for whatever reason it is inactivated, the life process of healing continues.


In fact, the more the verbal mind tries to intrude on a life process the more it will disrupt it.  If you have just eaten a meal and you sit down with your verbal mind and you think about what enzymes are bring released, how much hydrochloric acid, if you think about it you actually interrupt and disturb the function.  The more we try to think about our natural functions in a verbal system the more we will disrupt the energy and we will disrupt the function of healing.  If we have a broken bone, it’s not the doctor that heals it, it’s not the verbal mind that heals it, it is the super conscious ability of the life force contained in the cells that will initiate cellular repair.  It will try to establish health and restore functioning to organs that have been hurt.  It is our job then to help it. However in our society we have put so much stock into the small little conscious mind because of its ability to accumulate technology, that we have lost touch with the super conscious, or unconscious.  Our patients will come to us and look at reactive items that are on the screen, and not understand them, and balk, as if their conscious mind could understand all of the factors that they are exposed to.


As an example, I was just at “Medicine week” in Baden-Baden, Germany, we were there at the SCIO booth testing patients. We  tested 5 patients in a row and the kimono dragon came up as well as the pastuliris bacteria.  This is a bacteria that is contained inside the kimono dragon.  The kimono dragon is one of the last dinosaurs that live in the most exotic places in the world, such as Madagascar and other places. It is a very rare animal indeed.  Nobody has every totally recovered from a kimono dragon bite.  People who have been bitten by a kimono dragon usually die within a year, some last 10 years or so, but it just seems that it is almost impossible to cure a kimono dragon bite.  And here now, there were 5 people in a row, that were reactive to a kimono dragon, something which I have never seen personally in testing patients over the last 10 years.  The kimono dragon contains this bacteria, among other bacteria, which are very pestilent, very toxic, and he contains these bacteria in his mouth.  These bacteria actually start the process of digestion for the kimono dragon’s digestive system.  And it is these bacteria that the immune system of the humans has such a hard time dealing with.  This is a rare experience, in the world today.


Having looked at 5 different patients in a row that have been reactive to this, and the patients said, “Oh my god, the machine must be broke.  I’ve never been exposed to a kimono dragon. Why could this possible come up?”  As if the verbal mind could understand.  Until one of the people at the booth shared with me that 5 years prior that he had been bitten by a kimono dragon and was still dealing with a festering wound.  His mere presence at the booth, as he exhaled different bacteria, created a reactivity surge in the patients who were there.  Had we not know about the man who had been bitten, we would have thought the machine was broke. We would be wrong.

Years ago when I first developed the machine, my stepson came to me with a bacterial infection, we set up cultures and found out that the infection was hemoitic strepth, e-coli, and proteus.  When we tested him on the machine, we came up with hemolytic strepth, measles, e-coli, and proteus.  Now it was confirmed from the culture that the bacteria agents were present in the body and that’s why he was reacting to them. But he looked at me and said “What about the measles?”  He said, “Bill, I’ve never had measles.  How could this have come up?”  My verbal mind tried to rationalize and said “Well maybe when measles was being tested you moved, made some muscle movement and the machine might have generated and thought that was the reaction.”  The next morning on television, on the “Good Morning Denver” program, they carried a story about how one of the local dorms at the School of Minds was closed because of a measles outbreak.  I said, “Chad, where were you last weekend?”  He said, “Oh, I spent the night at one of the dorms at the School of Minds.  They asked him to explore whether he wanted to go to the college.”  That was the same dormitory that was now closed.  Yes, Chad had been exposed through inhalation to measles.  He did not contract measles.  His immune system was reactive, and then we knew.


As I’ve gone through years and years working with the program, many things will come up on the screen that the patient will balk at with their verbal minds.  Upon deeper exploration I have found that conclusively that the patients unconscious is a very profound, intelligent system, extremely more intelligent than the verbal mind.  The verbal mind is like a small child trying to understand things.  Whereas the innate super conscious can fix and repair cells at a cellular level, move electrons, and photons in a precise fashion and do an incredible amount of technology that makes anything that has ever been developed by the verbal mind seem passé.  The actions of one cell cannot be duplicated by anybody, any scientist, any researcher in the world.  Our technology is incredibly far behind the technology of the super conscious, the technology of life.  When these things come up on the screen we have to have another way of dealing with this.  We have to start finding out that in ourselves we have a super conscious which is far more superior than that of the conscious verbal mind.  The super conscious is incredibly vast. And it is not of words.  Now this might be scary to the verbal part of you and the verbal part of you might not want to loose this seeming control.  A control that the verbal mind never had to begin with.  A control that the verbal mind only believes that it has.  But the super conscious has control of the body, the life force, and the path of your life.


If we can give to that super consciousness, “God consciousness” if you will, or whatever names you might choose, there does seem to be a connection. We find out that the body responds to, that they body is controlled by quantic functions, and that quantic functions have interactions with each other and there is a connectivity with the “God consciousness” of the universe, or super consciousness, if you don’t like the word “God.”  We all must recognize that our bodies live and exist because of a power beyond the capacity of just our words.  We must realize that words are a powerful tool of analysis, some decision-making, and some explanations.  And this tool should not be fooled in thinking that it is the master.  And if we can start developing this in our own selves and finding the powers that lie in the super consciousness, beyond the doubts and disbeliefs of our words, we will start to uncover the super doctor within, because the super doctor will realize that what actually does the healing is this incredible life-force that is not of words.  In fact, the words oftentimes detract.  It is up to the verbal areas of the brain to help the body decide which foods are good, when to exercise, what to exercise, what to drink, how much to drink, these are all very good judgmental decision made by the verbal mind.  We need to educate our doctors.  As I’ve said before, the word doctor comes from “educator” the Latin word for “teacher.”  We need to teach our patients this, but at the same time, we need to realize that true healing comes from the super consciousness.  Since the super consciousness is changing the body electric at every thousandths of a second or hundredths of a second, that is why the SCIO allows for an interface at biological speeds.  When we turn on the SCIO we are going to activate different types of therapies to allow for the patients super consciousness or unconsciousness to treat itself. It will auto-focus the therapies as the system interfaces with the super consciousness, not the verbal consciousness. This is the first device of its kind.  Devices prior to this have all been verbal devices where the settings had to be set; people had to make verbal analysis of procedures and make different settings and then enact different therapies.  This is inappropriate because now we have developed a new step in technology that goes beyond the verbal technology but also incorporates a right-brain more female intuitive technology, which allows us to have a unconscious interface, a super conscious interface, so that the body can treat itself at biological speeds.


So the next time you do a test and you see things that patient’s super conscious has reacted to, you can realize that the fact that the conscious mind doesn’t understand them is completely understandable in the big picture.  There are millions, multiple trillions of events unknown to the verbal mind that happen to us every minute of our lives.


To give into this disbelief in the SCIO is basically something that we need to overcome.  And can simply be overcome by not spending too much time on the “test matrix screen”, but by moving to another screen, going into the risk panels, going into therapy, and enacting other processes that have much more amenable affects for the patients’ mind.  Trying to analyze every item that’s in red on the reactive screen that the patient has at that time reacted to will be in imponderable event.  Something that will be very, very difficult for our verbal conscious minds to do. We must make the patient aware that healing will not come from the verbal conscious mind. Life education and behavioral control will be controlled by the verbal conscious mind but healing, restoration of health, cleansing, detoxification, immunity, digestion, circulation, endocrinology, hormonal factors and all of the neurological factors that make us up, is 99.9999% controlled by the super conscious and not the conscious so we want to make the people comfortable with their super conscious and conscious, and make the people realize that their SCIO is a new style of technology combining both right and left-brain, male and female, scientific and intuitive energies, bringing it to the forefront of medical technology of today


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