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Medical and other Conditions which may be Found Co-morbid with Autism

Thyroid Dysfunction: 

  • What is it: the inability of the thyroid and parathyroid to do their work properly. May be linked to a lack of tyrosine, tyrosinase, manganese, iodine and other nutrients.

  • What you see: problems talking, depression, weight problems, communication problems (manganese is linked to control of the tongue).

  • History – may be related to pyroluria and/or the presence of the polio virus.

  • What we see on the SCIO – hypothyroidism, nutritional deficiency in tyrosine, tyrosinase, iodine and manganese (or excess), glandular problems, adrenal problems.

  • What we do with the SCIO: supplement missing nutrients with energetic frequencies. Focus on rebuilding thyroid, parathyroid and adrenals. Investigate connection with pyroluria and/or polio.

  • What can you do: Supplement with L-tyrosine and iodine and other nutrients. The body may have a toxic build-up of manganese so pay attention to that.

Kidney stones:

  • What is it: the build-up of calcium carbonate in the body. Our body cannot use calcium in the carbonate form, but store it because it is calcium, which the body needs.

  • What you see: Toileting problems. Extreme behaviours because of the level of pain. Many of the children I have worked with who pee without warning wherever they are, are trying to rid their body of the stones.

  • History: Ingestion of calcium in forms that cannot be used by the body.

  • What we see on the SCIO: kidney stones, kidney problems.

  • What we do with the SCIO: give the frequencies that dissolve the stones in the body. Find these very effective.

  • What you can do at home: Pay close attention to the type of calcium you are putting in your body.



  • What is it: A build-up of uric acid in the body.

  • What do you see: pain in the joints, movement problems.

  • History: appears to have a genetic component for most individuals we have worked with. Exposure to the foods that are high in purines that lead to the build-up of uric acid: spinach, strawberries, rhubarb, and shellfish, some fish and alcohol.

  • What we see on the SCIO: uric acid, inflammation, pain, gall bladder, joint problems.

  • What we do on the SCIO: give the frequencies for gout, work on the genetic connection.

  • What you can do at home: control your diet.



  • What it is: the long term impact of too much stress on the body.

  • What you see: craving salt and water, often will do anything to get it. Need these for the high levels of adrenaline that is being produced because of the stress. Sleeping problems. Sensitivity/ allergies to citrus.

  • What we see on the SCIO: Hypoadrenia. We find that this comes up for everyone on the autism spectrum on the SCIO. This is due to all of the above conditions plus the presence of the viruses and environmental stress.

  • What we do with the SCIO: release stress throughout the body at all levels: physical, mental, social, emotional, and environmental. Focus on the adrenal glands.

  • What you can do at home: Be aware of what is causing stress for your child or the adult you are working with and decrease it or eliminate it in every way possible.


  Learning Differences

  • What do you see: problems in the classroom, difficulties remaining focused on tasks, an apparent lack of comprehension.

  • History: appears to be inherited though results we have obtained through the autism protocol may indicate that there is a viral basis to a lot of these difficulties.

  • What we see on the SCIO: different programs for learning differences appear.

  • What we do with the SCIO: there are a number of different programs on the SCIO that have been developed solely to target these areas of concern.

  • What you can do at home: Work with specialists in these areas. I have found that the Davis Dyslexia Correction Program is very effective for those who are visual learners. Irlen lenses may also make positive difference in the lives of many.

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