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By Gail Gillingham Wylie


It is February, 1988. I am standing in the corner of the room, terrified, as a young man with autism comes toward me, a chair raised up above his head, about to bring it down on mine. Thoughts of “what on earth am I doing here”, and “why would I think I could help these people” race through my mind as I struggle to find an answer to the dilemma I am in. In desperation I stay calm. I speak softly. I wait for his response. He gradually lowers the chair to the floor and moves away. In that moment I learn a powerful lesson: to stop basing my reactions to those on the autism spectrum on my body and my beliefs and to listen very carefully to everything I can about them in order to gain a clear understanding of what is happening to them. It’s been a long and exciting journey since that day and I am thrilled to announce that I believe that I have put the last piece in the puzzle of understanding autism into place.


It is August, 2005. A young boy walks into my office and makes an announcement in a clear voice; “I don’t want to be hooked up to that thing.” A pulse of joy rushes through my body and I long to respond to these words with a hug and a promise that I will follow his wishes. But I don’t, because I know that “that thing” is the very reason that this boy is able to declare his thoughts and feelings so clearly to me. I acknowledge his feelings and tell him that we will hook him up to “that thing” because it is helping him share what he knows and feels with us and this is very important to all of us. He cooperates with us for the next hour without any difficulty.

I have spent the last twenty years of my life listening to the voices of those on the autism spectrum in order to understand them and to develop methods of care that will truly be helpful for them. It’s been a very exciting and unbelievable journey that has taken me around the world and allowed me to meet hundreds and hundreds of people with autism. They have taught me how their sensory system is working at higher level than that of the rest of us and how their response to this stimulation is what we define as autism, looking at them from the outside. They have taught me about the power of anxiety in their lives and how they live at the edge of panic anxiety attacks almost every minute of every day; how they are able to avoid these attacks; and how we can help them lower their level of anxiety. They have shared their incredible level of intelligence, of morality and of spirituality with me and I now know that they are very special people, a true gift to our world. I have wept with them and for them as they deal with the reality that most of the world is missing the picture and through this misunderstanding condemning them to a life of twenty four hour care. I stand beside them rejoicing, one by one, as they begin to learn who they are and how they are coping with their lives in the midst of living in a body, overwhelmed.


Throughout these twenty years I have been on a mission, a mission to clearly understand autism and to develop effective ways to help those on the autism spectrum. My books Autism Handle with Care and Autism A New Understanding described part of this process but I knew we were still missing something important. The announcement in February of 2004 that Harvard Medical School was moving away from the belief that autism is an abnormality in the brain, because we haven’t been able to pinpoint that abnormality no matter how much time and money have been spent studying the brain, towards the view that autism is a vulnerable system which has experienced an assault or assaults from the environment at a young age was exciting and frustrating at the same time as I deal with a medical system that continues to view autism as hopeless and to believe that any attempt to focus on their medical problems is a waste of time.


In the fall of 2004, those on the spectrum led me in a completely new direction. They told me to attend a movie What the “bleep” do we know and introduced me to the world of quantum physics. I had no idea why this was so important at time, but I followed their lead without question. In the months since I have discovered a biofeedback device, the SCIO, based on theories of quantum physics. Biofeedback is defined as "Measuring electro-physiological properties of the body and feeding it back to the patient".  Over 10,000 factors through energy frequencies are measured during the testing process, which provides us with a picture of the bio terrain of the body. The device then sends back energy frequencies to work on the various problems the body is dealing with: blockages, pathogens, deficiencies and excesses, and so on. The SCIO neither "diagnoses" or "cures". Instead it measures and provides the frequencies that allow the body to heal itself, a revolutionary concept in the world of western medicine.  I have purchased my own SCIO and been trained and certified as a registered biofeedback practitioner and am now offering this service through Autism Consulting Service here

in Edmonton.


I fully believe that this is the last piece of the puzzle in the mystery of autism. In the beginning I realized that the SCIO allows us to reduce the level of anxiety from within in a way that nothing else can. We saw a major decrease in the stress level of every client with autism who spent time on the SCIO, but it took a long time for us to see a major shift through which I could feel comfortable in claiming that we were making a real difference in the lives of those on the spectrum. In February of 2008, I finally pulled everything together to remove the "core" of autism from those on the spectrum. Through this we finally freeing our clients to truly be able to reach their full potential.


So what is autism? Autism is a genetic vulnerability to a specific virus or viruses which was created through ancestral exposure to the specific virus or viruses, combined with contact with that specific virus or viruses at a vulnerable stage in life: either in the womb or in infancy.  Any type of virus can be the source of stress. In the past the chance of exposure was limited because the exposure would have to come through direct exposure in the environment at the time. The chances of exposure in the present are high because of the vaccination process which makes it almost impossible for the child to miss out on the specific virus when given all of the vaccinations recommended by the medical establishment. The viruses block the ability of the body to work effectively as a system. When we clear these viruses from the body with the SCIO, the body can truly begin to heal itself.


How is this different from the reduction in the level of anxiety that I first observed through the SCIO? I can only describe it as a crumbling of the wall that blocks those on the autism spectrum from communicating and socially interacting like the rest of us. This wall has been described time and again by those on the spectrum in different ways. So many "typical" people describe autism in behavioural terms and focus their efforts on teaching what they claim are the appropriate social and communicative behaviours. There is a huge difference between not behaving appropriately and being blocked from behaving appropriately. We, by looking at the picture from the outside and defining their actions by how our bodies react, do an incredible amount of damage to the self image of this group of people. It's not something they are capable of learning because their body is blocked from following through on the instructions they give their body.  When the blockage of the viruses is cleared from the body, we see the wall crumbling in two ways: by the actual actions of those who have been cleared, and by the areas that are chosen to work on in future SCIO sessions. One area that is appearing in every follow-up session I do is the muscles of the face. When we work on that area, smiles begin to come naturally and easily, replacing the "grimace" which is attempted as a smile by those who are still blocked. This is truly what removing the core of autism means.


Stepping into the world of the SCIO has been a huge move for me as I work with faith through concepts I do not fully understand. The most exciting thing about this is that I don’t have to come to you and you don’t have to come to me to be included in this. Although many of my clients work directly with me in my office, I am able to use subspace to connect with any person, anywhere in the world. The power of this system is hard to believe, and yet I see the results every day. It is truly a gift to humanity.


Again I have followed the lead of those on the spectrum. I didn’t know where I was going, but boy were they right this time!!


If you are interested in learning more about the SCIO and the effect it can have on autism, you can contact me at Autism Consulting Service, #116, 11728 Kingsway Avenue, Edmonton, T5G 0X5. Phone/fax: 780 450 2810. E-mail:  You can also read more about this throughout this website.

The Last Piece of the Puzzle

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