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How important are subtle energies?

The subtle energy fields emanating from each of us are invisible to the human eye. Many cultures, however, have developed  ways to work with these energy fields. They are referred to as chi, prone, acupuncture meridians, chakras, etc. While many cultures recognize the importance of our energy fields, they are not recognized by the established western medical system.


These subtle energy fields surrounding our physical bodies contain information about our physical, emotional and mental well being. Each of us emanate our own unique energy field. The SCIO is designed to detect and interpret the information these energy fields contain.


Quantum physics is proving that in addition to the flow of blood, lymph and nerve impulses, the body is supported by a seemingly invisible flow of subtle or higher energies. These higher energies form in the embryo prior to the physical appearance of blood and lymph vessels and organs. In other words, the subtle energy fields are part of the forming power for the physical body. Thoughts and emotions also create energies that have the ability to either build health or produce disease.


In Energy Medicine, Donna Eden describes how she works with seemingly empty space to help relieve suffering. She has worked on individuals with phantom limb pain after an appendage has been cut off. This pain is very real, despite the fact a physical leg, arm, or finger is missing. A war veteran was experiencing such excruciating pain in the missing limb he was losing his will to live. Eden started working on the space where his foot had been, massaging the subtle energy field that still existed. His pain gradually disappeared.


Using space technology, quantum physics and computer programming, Dr. William Nelson, the developer of the SCIO makes it possible for this system to read your energy fields and apply therapies, even at a distance - through subspace. This means you do not have to be physically present for a session. Energy fields from all matter and from each of us radiate into space. Each of us generate our own unique energy fields. Sensitive measuring devices such as the SQUID are capable of measuring subtle frequencies as they circle the globe. The sophisticated SCIO system takes such subtle measurements a step further to read you energies from anywhere in the world. Long distance/subspace sessions are available by appointment. E-mail for an appointment.


The trivector of energy that surrounds your body (subspace) is detected by the SCIO by a trivector of information that is unique to you as an individual: your name, your birth date and your birth place. No one else in the world has that particular information.


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