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An Autism Clearing

Note: be aware that an autism clearing does NOT mean that we are "curing" autism, or changing the individual on the spectrum in any way. It only means that we are removing blockages to the flow of energy in the body - blockages that make it difficult for the individual to experience life without a high level anxiety. We do not change the person - we open the door so that they can share with the world who they really are.  

An Autism Clearing consists of

  •  an introductory session on the SCIO

  •  two additional sessions to allow the body to get used receiving energetic frequencies.

  •  a full autism protocol on the SCIO which allows us to

    • determine how many miasms are involved

    • determine the specific viruses that are blocking healing and clear them from the body

    • determine the specific chromosomes that have been affected and repair them

    • use the echoes and harmonics to clear the blockages throughout the body which are a direct result of the "autism".

  • 12 monthly sessions which focus on relieving the trauma the body has experienced because of the presence of autsm in the body.


The first three sessions are typically booked one week apart for three weeks. The autism clearing takes place during the fourth week and will continue until complete.


The actual amount of time required to complete the autism protocol is dependent on the number of miasms involved, the number of viruses involved, the number of chromosomes involved and the amount of time it takes to clear the spcific viruses. Some are very stubborn!. Once we begin zapping the viruses we DO NOT stop until they are completely cleared from the body. This can take up to an hour and a half for some viruses. We do this so that they DO NOT have the chance to mutate in the body to protect themselves from the specific frequencies that kill them. The majority of those we have cleared to date spend around $3000.00 on this whole process but we cannot promise a specific price because each individual is unique.


The cost of a clearing is as follows: (in Canadian dollars)

  • Introductory session of 2 hours: $200.00 plus GST (GST is only charged to Canadians)

  • Two extra sessions  of 1 1/2 hours: $150.00 plus GST

  • Autism protocol # of hours at $100.00 per hour plus GST.

  • 12 monthy sessions at 1 1/2 hours: $150.00 plus GST

We accept cash, cheques, credit cards, bank transfers, money orders, direct debit cards (only in our office), and/or also have a paypal account for invoicing and payment. (GST at 5% is charged to Canadian clients only).


Autism clearings can take place in the office, with the individual hooked directly to the SCIO or through long distance. Long distance sessions have two options. The individual or parents can be on the phone with the therapist throughout the session to keep up on what is happening, or the therapist will type up a report during the session and send it to the individual via e-mail. We typically do the actual protocol long distance as we have the individual on the scio for about 6 - 8 hours a day. We do not write a report during the protocol itself to save time (and costs for the procedure) but will share the worksheet we use with the family once the protocol is complete, if you wish.


For more information e-mail Gail at


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