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The Autism Clearing Protocol

 Note: be aware that an autism clearing does NOT mean that we are "curing" autism, or changing the individual on the spectrum in any way. It only means that we are removing blockages to the flow of energy in the body - blockages that make it difficult for the individual to experience life without a high level anxiety. We do not change the person - we open the door so that they can celebrate and share with the world who they really are.  

The autism protocol was developed to clear the blockages that cause autism using quantum biofeedback via the SCIO.

· Works for all ages. We have cleared individuals ranging in age from infancy to 70 years.

· Can take place in the office or through subspace, anywhere in the world.

· A complete autism protocol begins with an introductory session and 2 regular weekly sessions (2 hr. each) to allow the body to get used to receiving the frequencies followed by the protocol itself. The protocol takes anywhere from 20 to 60 or more hours depending on the number of miasms, viruses and chromosomes that come up for the specific individual. Each case is unique.

· The best results occur for those individuals who continue regular monthly sessions for a year following the clearing.



· “Just so happy.” “Grounded, solid; feel connected for the first time in my life.” (direct quotes)

· Speech. True communication: easily sharing thoughts, feelings, knowledge and asking questions as well as expressing needs.

· Increase in willingness, ability and freedom to engage comfortably in social interactions.

· Spontaneous use of body gestures such as pointing without being taught how.

· Ability to share what one wants to say immediately, without rehearsal and to hold back the words one does not want to share.

· Dramatic decrease in level of anxiety which is evident by the decrease in the need to use coping skills such repetitive behaviours, going into shutdown, or reaching the point of meltdown.

· New freedoms: to sleep in comfort without heavy covers, to engage in physical activities or be in sunlight without feeling discomfort/sick and to do a part of a task calmly without being overwhelmed by the whole.

· Adults entering the work force, earning a living and contributing to their community while students are being moved from special education classrooms to regular classrooms.

Comments from our clients..........

"A barrier to my total happiness and well being definitely came down. Everything just seems to be flowing effortlessly! I do feel mighty happy right now,Thanks to you

and Clay!"

Comment received in a letter from a woman in her sixties who was just cleared of Asperger's using the Autism Protocol on the Scio when asked if the response in her body matched the description : "Just So Happy".

Updates from people who have gone through or are currently going through the autism clearing.....


WelE is doing wonderfully after yet another long session of Biofeedback Stress Reduction therapy yesterday using the protocol developed by Gail for clearing Autism. She has been peaceful and connecting all day today. We went to the farmers' market at Union Square and she was noticing and watching things like we rarely ever have seen her do. It is such a pleasure to see her doing so well. Thank you, Gail! , tal


k abA quick note from a mother I met in 2010 at the World Autism Conference whose son has gone through our autism protocol: "Today I enrolled Nacho in the University; God Thank you! and thank you Gail for all your help, we have a lot to deal with and work on, but could not had imagined we would make it this far, 10 years ago. He will only go to the practical part of the Chef School, but that is WONDERFUL! I send you a big hug!"out good fortune!


This morning's total solar Eclipse falls on what's called "The Part of Fortune" in my birth chart. It also falls pretty much on the position of the New Moon on the day E was born. And of course, E is *very* sensitive to subtle environmental energies, *especially* when the Sun and Moon are involved.


So last night, for the first time since she began getting a wonderful series of energy based treatments that have been doing her a wo...rld of good, E was up *all through the night*, being all loud and noisy and "activated". The *good* news is, She was not manic, but extremely happy, seemingly *despite* it all.


The *not so good* news was Z had to keep her company all night, trying to help stabilize her energy and keep her calm as much as possible. God willing, she has been able to "sleep it off" with no after-effects since S arrived today for "the morning shift" But before Z went off to her nap, Z and I spoke on the phone (across several floors) and described how E was finally sleeping and suddenly burst into an expression of a mother's love, singing, "She made me love her ... I didn't wanna do it, I didn't wanna do it. She made me love her .. and all the time she knew it, I guess she always knew it."

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