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An open invitation to scio practioners

From Gail Gillingham Wylie and Clayton Wylie


I have spent the last twenty years of my life listening to people with autism in every which way I can. It’s been a very exciting and unbelievable journey that has taken me around the world and allowed me to meet hundreds and hundreds of people with autism. They have taught me how their sensory system is working at higher level than that of the rest of us and how their response to this stimulation is what we define as autism, looking at them from the outside. They have taught me about the power of anxiety in their lives and how they live at the edge of panic anxiety attacks almost every minute of every day; how they are able to avoid these attacks; and how we can help them lower their level of anxiety. They have shared their incredible level of intelligence, of morality and of spirituality with me and I now know that they are very special people, a true gift to our world. I have wept with them and for them as they deal with the reality that most of the world is missing the picture and through this misunderstanding condemning them to a life of twenty four hour care. I stand beside them rejoicing, one by one, as they begin to learn who they are and how they are coping with their lives in the midst of living in a body, overwhelmed.


Throughout these twenty years I have been on a mission, a mission to clearly understand autism and to develop effective ways to help those on the autism spectrum. My books Autism Handle with Care and Autism a New Understanding described part of this process but I knew we were still missing something important. In 2005 I was introduced to the SCIO which took my journey in a totally different direction. In the beginning I found that I could drastically reduce the anxiety level of the individuals of autism I worked with using the SCIO, but didn't see any change happening at a core level. This all changed in 2007 when a 45 year old man who had never spoken told his mother he loved her after a session. In time I developed a protocol that effectively clears the blockages


It took a long time and a lot of hard work to reach the point where I am now. It didn’t take long to discover that the SCIO allows us to reduce the level of anxiety from within in a way that nothing else can. We saw a major decrease in the stress level of every client with autism who spent time on the SCIO. However, a major shift in autism did not happen and the anxiety returned as the individual dealt with the environment on a daily basis. In February of 2008, I finally pulled all the factors together to remove the "core" of autism from those on the spectrum. Through this we finally freeing our clients in a way that nothing else out there in the world does.


So what is autism? I believe that autism is a blockage in the system caused genetic vulnerability to a specific virus or viruses which was created through ancestral exposure to the specific virus or viruses, combined with contact with that specific virus or viruses at a vulnerable stage in life: either in the womb or in infancy.  Any type of virus can be the source of stress. In the past the chance of exposure was limited because the exposure would have to come through direct exposure in the environment at the time. The chances of exposure in the present are high because of the vaccination process which makes it almost impossible for the child to miss out on the specific virus when given all of the vaccinations recommended by the medical establishment. The viruses block the ability of the body to work effectively as a system. When we clear these viruses from the body with the SCIO, the body can truly begin to heal itself.


How is this different from the reduction in the level of anxiety that I first observed through the SCIO? I can only describe it as a crumbling of the wall that blocks those on the autism spectrum from communicating and socially interacting like the rest of us. This wall has been described time and again by those on the spectrum in different ways. So many "typical" people describe autism in behavioural terms and focus their efforts on teaching what they claim are the appropriate social and communicative behaviours. There is a huge difference between not behaving appropriately and being blocked from behaving appropriately. We, by looking at the picture from the outside and defining their actions by how our bodies react, do an incredible amount of damage to the self image of this group of people. It's not something they are capable of learning because their body is blocked from following through on the instructions they give their body.  When the blockage of the caused by the viruses is cleared from the body, we see the wall crumbling in two ways: by the actual actions of those who have been cleared, and by the areas that are chosen to work on in future SCIO sessions. One area that is appearing in every follow-up session I do is the muscles of the face. When we work on that area, smiles begin to come naturally and easily, replacing the "grimace" which is attempted as a smile by those who are still blocked. This is truly what removing the core of autism means.


Stepping into the world of the SCIO has been a huge move for me as I work with faith through concepts I do not fully understand. The power of this system is hard to believe, and yet I see the results every day. It is truly a gift to humanity.


My dream, when I started this process, was to make a positive difference to the lives of every person with autism in Alberta. I have been clearing the core of autism from clients with autism individually since February, 2008.  At this point our clients number in the hundreds, all with positive results. But with the increase in autism (now at 1 in 50 children in the United States) I do know I cannot do it alone. I am will to teach anyone who is interested the protocol and will be offering workshops where ever we can organize one. If you ane interested in learning the protocol please  us check out by pushing this button.......

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