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Autism Consulting Services provides a number of different anxiety reducing services to it's clients. The standard that we work under at all times is "FIRST DO NO HARM". Since we believe that we are working with a group of people who are already in trouble it doesn't make any sense to add more trauma to their lives in any form.


The services listed on the left side of this page are based on developing as clear an understanding of autism as possible, recognizing that there is not "one size fits all" answer anywhere in this field, and that unconditional acceptance and respect are as important for those on the spectrum as they are for anyone else in this world. Although we are based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, we are willing to travel anywhere clients want us to go (expenses paid, of course). We also are willing and able to work long distance with our clients in many different ways such as through the telephone, internet, facetime and the SCIO.

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