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Emotional Blockages

  • PTSD:

  • What is it: a severe reaction to trauma from the past that has been stored in the body and which is brought to light by some sort of sensory input that is connected to the trauma.

  • What you see: flashbacks, panic anxiety attacks, meltdowns for no apparent reason, may include aggression.

  • History: Usually present due to the misunderstanding of others in child’s/adults life and the different types of ‘therapies’ and ‘educational’ situations that they have been forced to endure throughout their lives. Both therapies and educational are in quotation marks because their therapeutic and educational value is questionable.

  • What we see on the SCIO: Emotional issues, mental factors, problems with the reticular formation, limbic system and medulla oblongata.

  • What we do on the SCIO: Use conflict panel in unconscious reactivity to release the specific trauma. Work on the reticular formation, medulla oblongata, limbic system and cerebellum as well as physical trauma on biofeedback to release the conflict from where it is stored in the brain. Release stored emotional responses through the brain wave program, the disease dictionary and the spinal program. Use echoes and harmonics on specific emotional treatments that come up.

  • What you can do at home: Be aware of the complete history of your child and or adult you are working with and respect their struggle so that the ‘no apparent reason’ excuse does not dominate their lives. Speak about the past openly so that the memories can be released. Individuals can work on forgiveness: follow Jesus’s suggestion in the New Testament and write out up to 70 x 7, or 10 times a day for 49 days. This is a very powerful way to release the trauma from the past. As you work through the process you will find different things released. I suggest that anyone do this who finds they are holding on to pain from the past.

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